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I met with Julie recently and she connected with someone who's passed in my life through mediumship. I can't describe what I felt it was like I could feel him in the room sitting with us talking through her and telling her what to say and It is an indescribable but amazing feeling. It was an amazing experience and I felt so much better after leaving the session with her. I would definitely highly recommend her.  Lindsay May 2019 (Circels of Wisdom)

I just wanted to let you know that I got the job as you predicted and am very happy with the compensation as you also predicted!! Thank you for giving me that boost of confidence going into this process!! Thank you!  Danielle R. February 2019 (New Hampshire Metaphysical)

Yesterday, I had my fourth reading with Julie Ann in the past year and a half. There are no words to describe it other than I am completely blown away. Her accuracy and astute attention to detail are unparalleled. She was able to reveal things to me that not only would she have had no way of knowing outside of her gift, but that have come to fruition shortly after her saying them.


If there is someone you yearn to connect with or a situation you need to know about, I would one hundred percent recommend Julie Ann to be the one you seek that guidance from. In addition to being genuine, she is kind, compassionate, and non-judgemental. I feel like I'm sitting with a friend when she does a reading for me and that I am in the safest of environments to share my truth. Even when she has to tell me something I may not want to hear, it is done with complete tact and sensitivity. There is no one I trust more to sit with and talk about my past, present and future. Tara S. February 2019 (Circles of Wisdom)


My faith in her is endless and I'm so grateful that she is willing to share her gift with me with the intention of pure heart and ethics behind it. If you're able to book a reading with her, I encourage you to do it. You'll be so amazed with the sense of comfort, closure and honesty you walk away with. I recommend her to all of my friends. I am now and forever a loyal client.

Tara R. February 2019  (Circles of Wisdom)

Julie Ann is a wonderful very patient, very kind, giving intuitive, encouraging and just a joy to be around. I have to preface this by saying that I am new to channeling and at the moment really working on my own intuitive skills they do seem to be coming along and Julie Ann has given a plethora of tips and tricks to get in stream and receive. I highly recommend anyone to take her channeling classes.  De S.  April 2019 (Circles of Wisdom)

"Julie Ann’s "Mediumship In Motion" class is the ideal class for the person who is looking to one day build a spiritual business or to just deepen their connection with spirit. It gives you the chance to work with clients in various ways, from phone readings, to one on one sessions, to platform work. My confidence and strength as a medium have increased so much in just a few short weeks. I never would have thought that I would be conducting readings over the phone or standing up to do platform work. Julie Ann pushes you out of your comfort zone, but this is the push that I was looking for to get me to the next level. If you are looking for real results to improve your mediumship and confidence in connecting with spirit, then this class is definitely for you. You will not be disappointed!"    -Anna Summer 2019 (NH Metaphysical)

What a great reading by Julie Ann I had last week. I'm still amazed by her insight and the synchronicity of her comments. Julie Ann identified my health concerns without any mention of them, then proceeded to recommend an herb that I had just purchased the day before, and then mentioned a Dr. to check out -whom I had also just learned of the day before. Talk about confirmation. Neither were "common place" so the mention of them truly stood out. After my first reading some time ago I took her up on her suggestion to purchase the same deck she uses. While I remain unsure about what lays ahead, the funniest thing keeps happening to me. I continue to pull cards and they are the SAME ones she pulled. I can't help but laugh. I have no doubt that her insights are valuable! I know I will definitely return to her again. Robin March 2019 (New Hampshire Metaphysical)

I have had several readings with Julie Ann that were amazing! Readings with her are entertaining as well as thought provoking and have helped me understand myself and given me guidance. - Linda (NH Metaphysical)

Julie Ann is amazing! Her insight, accuracy and thoroughness is second to none. - Michael 

A very good friend of mine recommended Julie Ann to me and I'm so glad she did! Julie Ann can telling what's going on in my life before I say anything. Her readings have always been spot on everytime! She goes out of her way to even send you pictures of the cards that are drawn. She is compassionate and professional, she also has a great sense of humor. I highly recommend Julieann! - Heather M. (Yelp Review)

With Julie Ann, no two classes are ever the same!!  You are always learning new techniques, and are provided with evidence of their effectiveness.  Throughout every class Julie Ann seamlessly tunes into each student and gives them guidance specific to their natural talents and skill level, and coaches everyone with genuine interest in helping them reach their fullest potential.  She is an amazingly talented soul who open heartedly shares her knowledge with her students.  Thanks to Julie Ann sharing techniques that deliver quick results, and creating a judgement free environment, everyone is able to actively participate throughout her class and leave with a bigger smile than they had when they arrived.  - Tracy A. (Yelp Review)

Julie Ann's channeled reading was a wonderful, healing and uplifting experience. Highly recommended! - Amena S. (Yelp Review)

Went to see Julie Ann Gadziala at New Hampshire Metaphysical on the recommendation of a friend, and have since attended a couple of classes and workshops. Her readings are absolutely right on (even if you don't realize it until later) yet she's very down-to-earth and gives practical suggestions. Julie Ann also has a very generous spirit, sharing her knowledge, ideas, books and others' classes too. Her fees are very reasonable. I would recommend her--and have--to anyone interested in having a psychic reading. - Marielena H. (Yelp Review)

Always a wonderful time when the fairs are held. Julie Ann is an amazing woman! I was feeling so lost before I started seeing her for her guidance. Her classes are so much fun and you really feel like you belong. Everyone that I have met from NHMetaphysical have all been awesome and very supportive. Can't wait to go back! - Stephanie D. (Yelp Review)

"I have loved being a part of Julie Ann's channeling class! Julie Ann is an amazing teacher. She is humble, kind and generous with her students in a truly refreshing way. She knows how to nudge you to try new things while making sure you feel supported. Each class is entirely unique with lots of channeled wisdom and meditations. I have grown in my confidence through this class and encourage anyone who is interested in learning  how to tune in to their own guidance system to try it! "  Heather M. 

"Julie Ann's channeling class is amazing. I leave on a natural high full of excitement and awe. My connections have grown so much stronger and my life has improved because of it."   Lynn 

Julie Ann is incredible! Loved my phone reading!  I am looking forward to meeting her in person someday and maybe getting a Reiki treatment :) - Sharon T. (Yelp Review)

Julie Ann is fantastic. Her abilities are astounding! She really hit the nail on the head and has helped me choose the best course for my immediate future. I feel grounded in a way I haven't felt in years. Thank you, Julie Ann! - Cheryl W.  (Yelp Review)

As far as a reading from Julie-Ann.....well we already knew it was meant to be, given the very unusual circumstances of connectivity, there was no way the messages were NOT going to get through!  As we talked, it became more clear how important i needed to know about the havoc in my life.  The information she gave me turned out to be absolutely true!  What a gem this woman is!  She is such a lively & kind person with a GREAT sense of humor!!!  Beautiful soul who cared for another soul in need!  As of our conversation, I have gotten back on my spiritual path and have been even more successful in accomplishing my goals!  I thank her dearly for NOT giving up on our connection difficulties!
May GOD continually bless her with so much in return....So Be It!  - Karen C. (Yelp Review)

I recently had a session with Julie Ann that was amazing.  She used a variety of techniques to help me find the answers I was looking for: she used her intuitive abilities, channeled, and used Tarot cards.  I recorded our session because there was so much useful information and I have listened to the recording several times to refresh my memory.  The information I received helped me determine a new direction in my life.

I have also taken several classes with her and at other teachers at New Hampshire Metaphysical. I feel very comfortable, everyone is accepted for who and where they are in their pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.  It is truly a judgement-free zone. The other students have been warm, friendly and enjoy sharing their experiences.

If you are considering taking a class at NH Metaphysical, do not hesitate, all the classes have been very informative. I look forward to taking more classes and working with Julie Ann in the future! - Linda T. (Yelp Review)

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