1/4/21 Profit From Your Passion & Learn To Earn! 5 Month (11 classes) Spiritual Business Building

Starts January 4, 2021. Class meets on Monday nights. 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Dates: January 4 & 18. February 1 and 15. March 1, 15, and 29. April 12 and 26. May 3 and 17. PLUS...Receive two Private 45 Minute Private Coaching Sessions with Julie Ann Gadziala ($200 value). THIS CLASS IS HELD VIA ZOOM VIDEO.

2021 has never been a better time to launch or revamp a spiritual business! There is a shift in consciousness and people want clarity, healing, direction and answers. And they want it all now! People are online searching right now for someone with unique spiritual skills and talents SUCH AS YOURS to help them overcome obstacles, discover solutions to their problems, be their most healthful self and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Join Popular Psychic Medium and Entrepreneur Julie Ann Gadziala as she shares advice from her 30 years as a successful Entrepreneur in the Business World. Hear as well about her incredible success building several Spiritual Businesses. Learn about the lessons she took from her Entrepreneurial and Business background to navigate the waters of her Spiritual Gifts allowing Steady Spiritual and Financial Abundance to flow.

Perhaps you...

Wish to start a Spiritual Business.

Are longing to “Learn To Earn” from your Spiritual Gifts.

Intend to re-invigorate or expand an existing Spiritual Business.

Want to know “when you can quit the day job” and just work in and with your Spiritual Gifts.

IF ANY OF THE ABOVE STATEMENTS RESONATE... then this may well be the correct investment and course of forward action for you! The $600 investment for this 5 month course includes TWO 45 minute private coaching sessions with Julie Ann ($200 value)!

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur it is essential to attract your perfect tribe, stand out in your profession, exude the confidence that draws people to your expertise and have a handle on the tools that will ensure your success. Online business? In person business? Differences abound and in this course success tools for both will be shared.

If you are an aspiring or current entrepreneur, spiritual coach or lightworker in all of its beautiful manifestations- psychic, medium, healer, mentor, coach.... Join with an intimate group of like-minded individuals and learn to grow your business and make great money along the way. Abundance spiritually as well as financially! Learn business and heart centered strategies that will be specific to your particular business. BONUS! You will get exposure to some of Julie Ann's clients along the way who can give you fabulous feedback and affirmations to assist you to confidently move forward.

$54 per class ($600 pre pay) Reminder... This class includes Two Private 45 Minute Coaching Sessions with Julie Ann ($200 value).

All classes are recorded so if you never have to miss out in case you need to miss class time.

If you have any questions about this Spiritual Business course, you can email Julie Ann directly: JulieAnn@NHMetaphysical.com.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT BELOW: All payments must be received by December 28th.

1 Payment of $600

2 Payments of $300

“ I felt so drained from my regular job and unable to consistently take time out for my psychic & mediumship practice which is a small business on the side. Word of mouth, really. I had never put thought into doing it any other way. It was a bit depressing to say the least. My little business was just not going anywhere. Then, like that proverbial “breath of fresh air, I came upon Julie Ann. Her no-nonsense and humor-laced approach promptly got me on track. My confidence went through the roof after regular classes and now I have a spiritual business that is way too busy. LOL... I can only say it is worth the time and commitment if you really want to get moving. Study with her. Treat yourself!” - Raymond

“Julie Ann’s class is the ideal class for the person who is looking to build a spiritual business or to just deepen their connection with spirit. It gives you the chance to work with clients in various ways, from phone readings, to one on one sessions, to platform work. My confidence and strength as a medium have increased so much in just a few short weeks. I never would have thought that I would be conducting readings over the phone or standing up to do platform work. Julie Ann pushes you out of your comfort zone, but this is the push that I was looking for to get me to the next level. If you are looking for real results to improve your mediumship and confidence in connecting with spirit, then this class is definitely for you. You will not be disappointed!” -Anna


Julie Ann is well known for her inspired Spiritual Business Coaching. A maverick of creativity, her popular workshops and webinars on Spiritual Business Building are viewed as portals to new horizons of both Spiritual and Financial Abundance. Julie Ann graduated from the Toronto based Strategic Coach Program and is herself a successful 4-time Entrepreneur who has motivated countless individuals start, grow and expand their Spiritual Businesses.

Julie Ann is the creator and director of New Hampshire Metaphysical where she maintains a busy (remote) private practice holding sessions and teaching. Scheduling Link

She can also be found holding remote sessions via Circles of Wisdom in Methuen, MA.

Check her websites out:

JulieAnnGadziala.com * NHMetaphysical.com * CreativeChannelers.com

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