(12/11/20) Psychic Message Circles (via Zoom)Receive individual Messages from 4 Psychic Messengers!

December 11, 2020 (Friday) | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

2021: February 5, March 12, June 4, July 16, September 17 & November 12 (Fridays)

Psychic, Mediumship, Animal Communication, Angels or Astrology. Receive your own individual Messages from 4 Psychic Messengers

This unique Psychic Event forms Message Circles that that each hold approximately 6-10 participants. You will be assigned a particular Message Circle in a Zoom Breakout Room. Your group starts with one Psychic Messenger. Every 30 minutes a different Psychic Messenger comes in to give individual messages to all. As well at times as group messages. In total you will experience readings from 4 Psychic Messengers throughout the evening.


Your Message Circle will be read by 4 Messengers from the group below.

(Messengers in attendance vary from date to date)

Genevieve Hackett

Jay Beriloff

Ginger Hendry

Julie Ann Gadziala

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery

Laurie Perkins

Nancy Smith

Renee Walsh

Everyone in your group will witness the readings and as the energy of the group builds it assists to bring potent readings through. In each setting, all in your Circle will receive Psychic/Intuitive greetings/messages. You can ask questions or just see what information they have for you. Attend with your friends or make new ones!

Experience the blessings from 'shared messages' as the messages given to others may resonate strongly for you as well.

Sign up individually or with your own group of family, friends or co-workers.

If you have friends you wish to be in your group throughout the evening: 1) Sign up and pay as a group or 2) Email NHMetaphysical@gmail.com once your registration has gone through and let us know who will be in your group. Then we will keep you all together.

Zoom links and instructions will be sent to you the day before.


Cost for General Admission is $50 per person. Register and pay via Eventbrite using this link.

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