(January 1-3, 2021) NEW YEAR'S PSYCHIC FAIR WEEKEND! Remote Sessions with 22 Readers!

JANUARY 1st, 2nd & 3rd 2021 ALL DAY

Gain insight on this weekend of sessions. Connect with events, happenings, people, places and things in the Here and Now. Psychic, Intuitive, Akashic and more...

Get direction on where your path is set to take you at this time with any of our Readers.

Or perhaps spend time connecting in Mediumship with loved ones who have passed. Relax in the energy of a private session.

Join us for some one-on-one remote sessions. Phone-Email-Zoom-FaceTime-Skype. Discounted Pricing.

Our popular Practitioners are available for 15 minute sessions or longer. Some are working Saturday only. Others have added times on Friday or Sunday. Read through the write-ups and see more information on what each person in offering and charging, along with payment information. You must reach out to each person individually to arrange a time and make your payment.

It is recommended that you PRE-BOOK, as many will be sold out by the time the weekend comes. Pre-booking guarantees you session time.


Andy Grant: Akashic Records Reader, Energy Coach, & Healer

Anne Russo-Quinn: Astrology,Tarot, Intuitive Psychic

Catharine Grace: Animal Communicator, Medical Intuitive, Medium and Reiki Master

Colleen Electa (Shaw) Amidon: Mediumship, Psychic, Channeled, Tarot & Oracle Card Sessions

Danielle Knight: Psychic Medium, Channeler, Spiritual Coach and Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master

Darlene Doughty: Shaman, Channeler & Artist

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery: "Everything Psychic" Sessions

Eileen O'Boyle: Intuitive, Psychic and Friend of Energy Beings

Elaine Morris: Intuitive Artist, Psychic, Medium

Geri Karabin: Animal and Human Psychic Readings

Ginger Hendry: Animal Communication, Psychic & Reiki

Jodi Blase: Akashic Records, Psychic Medium, Channeler, Tarot, Reiki Master

Julie Ann Gadziala: Psychic, Mediumship, Channeling,Business/Employment Intuition

Lana Louise: Psychic Intuitive, Medium, Tarot/Oracle Reader

Laura Shanahan: Intuitive Card Reader &Readings in the Akashic Records

Laurie Perkins: Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator

Nancy Smith: Spirit Art, Akashic Medium, Akashic Records, Soul Contracts, Past Lives

Peter Anthony: Tarot Reader and Intuitive Psychic

Renee Walsh: Destiny Divination or Akashic Record Readings, Healing Sessions

Taylor Sowell: Intuitive Clairvoyant Channeler, Psychic, Remote Viewer

Andy Grant : Akashic Records Reader, Energy Coach & Healer is offering 15, 30 and 60 minute Akashic Records Readings all weekend long. Ask your spiritual support team for information, guidance, or healing in any area of your life . You can also book a free 15 minute call to learn about powerful in-person offerings such as Life Activation. Pre-schedule an hour long Clarity Call to focus on the biggest issue you are facing and get clear on your best next step. Booking and payment website link. See the page for other special events this weekend only!

Anne Russo-Quinn of Astrology by Anne is offering Astrology and Tarot readings on Saturday, January 2. Starting at $25 for each increment of 15 minutes. Readings will be done via phone, FaceTime or Zoom. Payment forms accepted: PayPal (Invoice sent to you to pay) Venmo, and credit cards. Payment is due at time of booking. Email: astrologybyanne@yahoo.com for appointment time. For additional information on astrology and reading types please visit astrologybyanne.com. Stay safe and positive!

Catharine Grace: Animal Communicator, Medium and Reiki master. This holiday season with animal communication you can strengthen your bond with your animal companion. Deepen the connection and hear insightful messages from your animal. You can make contact with loved ones with mediumship readings too. Contact me at ConnectingwithCatharine.com and I will be happy to help. Holiday fair rates are $30 for 20 minutes and $75 for 50 minutes. Email connectingwithcatharine@gmail.com, or go to my website connectingwithcatharine.com, to let me know what day and time you would like and we can work out an appointment.

Colleen Electa (Shaw) Amidon: Experience a profound, Facetime or phone Spirit stream with Colleen. As she blends with your loved ones and guides in Spirit, Colleen experiences their characteristics and concerns. Her spot-on, mediumship messages may involve cherished memories, healing explanations, or amusing anecdotes showing how your loved ones are with you now. During a tarot or oracle card reading, you will gain insight into the here and now. While linking with your Spiritual Team, Colleen assists you in aligning your Higher Self within the divine waterfall of Source/Universe/God energy. For Booking please email: amidoncolleen77@gmail.com. Fee: $25.00 for 15 minutes; $50.00 for 30 minutes; $85 for an hour. Please send payment to https://paypal.me/readingsbycolleen77

Darlene Doughty is a gifted shaman, artist and channeler. She taps into the upper and lower worlds and receives messages/ visions which are for your highest and best good. She is an amazing interpreter between the heavenly beings and the earthly beings. She then turns this information into 11x14 art which is drawn for you and sent via mail right to your door. Text or call Darlene at 603-343-3533 to set up your appointment where she will go into meditation and create your very own personal channeled drawing. The love donation for this experience is $88.

Danielle Knight: If you question whether you’re traveling your best life path or want affirmation the decisions you’re making are for your highest & best, a psychic reading will help provide the answers. An evidential mediumship session will allow your departed loved ones an opportunity to assure you the bonds of love remain unbroken. Do you feel too sensitive for today’s world or that you don’t offer yourself the same compassion you extend to others? Danielle’s welcoming personality will set you at ease & spiritually coach a rediscovery of your empowered higher self. Rates: 15 min-$23 / 30 min-$33 / 45 min-$43 / 1 hr-$5 Payment/Booking Link

Dr. Kevin Ross Emery Medical Intuitive, Psychic, Medium,Spiritual Coach

In an “Everything Psychic” session Dr. Kevin goes into sacred space and asks for that information and those energies which are in your highest and best good. What unfolds may include: Medical Intuitive, Past Life, glimpses into the future, insights into present situations or even insights and healing of unresolved issues from your past. Rate is $40.00 for each 15 minute period of time ( and yes that is my discount rate). Booking link. In person, by phone and by Zoom/or Skype. BOOKING & PAYMENT LINK www.weboflight.com

Eileen O’Boyle is a natural psychic, intuitive, and empath. She is a champion of the Divine Positive and is offering a brand new festive special for the upcoming Christmas Season: A Christmas Wish, a 30 minute session to make your holidays Merry and Bright. 30 mins. $55. Each session includes your OWN Christmas Wish! Receive messages of Love and Guidance through a reading, or have your cares removed through a healing. All sessions can be done over Facetime, Zoom, or phone. Learn More about all sessions and Sign Up Online at: www.bluemoonreiki.com

Elaine Morris: Elaine Morris: Intuitive Artist, Psychic, Medium. Are you struggling with trying to find clarity with a specific issue, relationship, or career?? Connecting with your Spirit Guides and Angels, this session will bring forth clarity on those things you are looking to find answers for through colors and meanings. Questions like purpose, relationships, how to create more abundance, and anything else you are looking to bring forth into your life. Channeling your answers through colors and meanings with Intuitive Art is the gateway to your answers. Note the sample of Intuitive Art drawn during one of Elaine's intuitive sessions above. 20 minute sessions for $35. Booking and Payment Link Elaine's website.

Geri Karabin will be offering both Animal & Human Psychic readings. In her Animal Communication readings, Geri connects with your animal, alive or crossed, and delivers the messages they are trying to pass along. In her Human Psychic readings, Geri connects with your energy and helps you move forward with an issue you may be wrestling with. For the fair, she will be offering a discount, 15 minute readings for $25. But feel free to book any of the Services she offers! All sessions held via phone. Website: www.gerikarabin.com. Booking and Payment Link

Ginger Hendry offers Animal Communication readings and delivers the messages that our animals, whether here or on the other side, want to share with their loved ones. In her Intuitive Readings, she connects to Spirit to give clarity and insight on life situations her clients may be currently be working though. She is also a Reiki Practioner and will offer remote healing sessions to people or their animals. When doing any reading, Ginger is all about helping her clients feel empowered to live their best lives. 15 minutes for $25. Booking link Website: https://www.gingerhendry.com

Jodi Blase: It’s time to say goodbye to feeling frazzled and hello to feeling centered, relaxed, and energetically lighter! Curious about your patterns, habits and relationships? I can help you discover the intuition that is naturally and uniquely yours and start on a path to who you are meant to be. Your journey isn't something that you don't know, it's just something you forgot to remember. Booking Link: Phone / Duo app / Skype/Google Meet jodi.blase@gmail.com / Facebook /

Julie Ann Gadziala: Decide what kind of session suits you best: Psychic, Channeling, Mediumship, Employment or Spiritual Business Building. Sessions being held all weekend long. $25 for 15 minutes. $50 for 30 minutes . Payment/Booking Link. Phone or FaceTime sessions only for this Fair, For a list of her 2021 UPCOMING CLASSES and PRIVATE DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVES Click Here. Find her at: JulieAnnGadziala.com, CreativeChannelers.com, NHMetaphysical.com Circles of Wisdom.

Lana Louise: I AM Psychic Intuitive Medium will be offering Psychic , Mediumship, Hypnosis. sessions. helping you and supporting you on your personal journey through life, as it pertains to your career, finances, relationships, health and more. Mediumship can bring peace, healing, closure and hope in the awareness that your departed loved ones are still with you. 20 Minutes $28.88. 30 Minutes $49. 45. Minutes $69. 60 Minutes $89. Payment/Booking Link. Special New Year's Fair Prices. Phone readings.

Laura Shanahan, M.A: Laura offers intuitive card readings that combine the practical with the whimsical. With Laura you can explore, learn, and understand more of life’s questions and opportunities that are presented to you. She uses several Tarot and Oracle decks that probe and guide you towards answers and possibilities. Consider an Akashic Record reading to deepen your understanding of your soul’s life purpose. $20 / 15 minutes or $40 / 30 minutes. Booking Link, & Pay via- Pay Pal: or Venmo or Cash App.ldshanahan@gmail.com (Singles / Couples / Parties: outdoor and via Zoom)

Laurie Perkins is a Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator. She will psychically tap into the future to help you get the answers to the questions that are important to you. Laurie connects with passed loved ones

as well as pets. She specializes in helping you have better communication with your pets and in healing behavior issues. Laurie is a loving, healing presence, providing a safe place to explore life's questions. 15 minutes $25, 30 minutes $45, 45 minutes $60. Phone & Zoom. To book email: readingsbylaurie@yahoo.com

Nancy Smith, Akashic Medium and Spiritual Mentor! Short Readings 25.00 for each increment of 15 minutes. What you need to know from Your Soul & the Angels in your Akashic Records.

New Year's Akashic Reading 75 minute reading: preview the energies of the next year in your Akashic Records with the angels. Information for 2021. 150.00!! Spirit Art Mediumship 45 minute reading with spirit drawing! 125.00! Book your reading in advance, and pay with credit card at: : Booking Link

Nancy@angelscapes.net| 978-835-0005 | Www.angelscapes.net

Peter Anthony is a Tarot Reader and Intuitive Psychic. I use the Tarot to receive information about your future, present and past. My readings consist of a mix of channeling as well as psychic messages. Throughout the reading I will draw cards and provide you with intuitive insights. I can assist you with pressing questions, provide information about transitions or do a general overview reading. My rate is $25 for 20 mins, $50 for 40 mins. 20% off Coupon code listed on my website for all readings booked during the New Year's Fair. Book a reading by visiting my website via this Link. Please indicate your preference for the session: Zoom or Phone.

Renee Walsh : I am offering Destiny, Akashic Record Readings or Healing Sessions. Sessions are $30/20 minutes by phone or Zoom. Payment forms accepted: paypal.me/ReneeWalsh or Venmo (preferred) @Renee-Walsh-5. Payment is due at time of booking. Email walsh.renee@gmail.com or text 508-380-8112 to schedule appointment time.

Taylor Sowell, Is an Intuitive Clairvoyant Channeler, Remote Viewer, Psychic, Reiki/Yoga Practitioner. As she connects to your energy your subconscious, unconscious and conscious intentions become crystal clear for her to tap into. Allowing for transparency as she feels, sees and psychically picks up on the past, present and future timelines, while giving healing guidance to move forward. She is offering $1 a minute sessions with a 15 minute minimum. Send you payment to: https://www.paypal.me/TaylorSowell. Then email Taylor to set your time up. taylorsowell7@gmail.com

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