FREE Live Channeling Gallery at Circles of Wisdom (Methuen MA)

November 13, 2019   7pm - 8:30 pm 

Uplifting  *  Spiritual  * Joyful  

Sit in the incredible energy and vibration of spoken channeling.  Witness what occurs when in the presence of channel stream. Join in this wonderful and uplifting infusion of energy. Find rejuvenation and as sense of deep inner peacefulness as you witness live spoken channeling of a spiritual nature. Perhaps find a reconnection that will heighten your own practice. 

Expect a channeling friend or two of Julie Ann's to stop by and perhaps share their channeling too! You may find that some Mediumship Moments find they way into this gallery as well.  This is a Group Gallery setting. Although some attendees can expect personal channels directed to them, the expectation should be an evening of group messages. Trust that all the channeling will have potency for you!




We look forward to seeing you here at this lovely pre-holiday event!

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